Celebrate a successful Stage 3: Cast your vote now!

Celebrate a successful Stage 3: Cast your vote now!

Whether you watched the race live on TV, from one of the towns across the borough, or simply during the highlights show, there’s no denying the success of the Stage 3 Tour of Britain. Not only was there fantastic support from a mass of spectators who came to watch the race on the day, but a huge event that brought with it an everlasting legacy and an impressive £3.5m to our local economy.

Everything may have ran smoothly on 6th September, but this was no east feat. It took a culmination of hard work from local authorities, volunteers and key stakeholders to ensure these world class cyclists could compete safely, all whilst ensuring the backing and support from the wonderful people of Cheshire East!

This is why we want you to help us celebrate this success, by casting your vote in support of the main player behind this massive cycling competition.

Cheshire East Council have been shortlisted in the best Comms/Digital Team category in the annual Comms2point0 UN Awards, so we’re asking for you to ensure they gain recognition for their investment in the tour!

To vote for Cheshire East Council, simply follow the link below and submit your vote before the closing date at 12pm on 23rd November. Every vote counts so feel free to spread the word!


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