Be inspired to get active

The riders in the Tour of Britain are elite athletes – and watching them roar through Cheshire East will no doubt encourage many people to get on their bikes and ride! If you feel inspired to get out there and get active, we’ll help you find all the information you need.


Get Cycling

More and more people have taken up cycling in recent years; and whether it’s as part of a cycling club or leisurely weekend rides with the family, it’s a brilliant, fun way to get fit.

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Get Running

Jogging is a really popular way to keep fit. You can do it almost anywhere, and you don’t have to run long distances to see the many health benefits. If you’re a complete novice, get up and running with the Couch to 5k app.

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Get Walking

By far the easiest way to get active, walking doesn’t need to be planned, doesn’t need any special equipment and is as sociable as you like – and by walking to school or work, it’s really simple to build some exercise into your day. It also helps relieve stress, cuts the risk of heart disease and lowers blood pressure!

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Ready, Set...

  • 1Just two and a half hours of moderate activity in total a week is enough to see great benefits – even in 10 minute bursts

  • 2Regular exercise has all sorts of health benefits – including lowering your risks of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression and dementia

  • 3Exercise doesn’t have to mean sport (although that can be the most fun!) – household chores such as gardening, washing the car and cleaning all count

Get involved with one you

One You is a new way to help us all live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Put together by Public Health England, it offers useful advice on many aspects of the way we live, setting realistic goals to help you eat well, stop smoking, get fitter and much more.

The One You website is a valuable source of information on looking after your body, living a better life and making sure you stay healthy. There are loads of tips, downloadable apps and other ways it offers support – start by taking the fun quiz, and simply take it from there!

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