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With the booming popularity of cycling, millions of people will be watching the Tour of Britain both in person and on television; so each stage of the race offers fantastic sponsorship opportunities. It’s a brilliant way for any business or organisation to get their name out there as part of Britain’s premier road cycling event, and we’ll help you take advantage of the benefits it offers.

Our Sponsors

We asked our sponsors what being involved in the Cheshire Tour of Britain means to them. Here’s what some of them said:

“ Connecting Cheshire decided to get involved with the Cheshire Tour of Britain because we saw it as a great opportunity to get our message out to the population of Cheshire. Using the analogy of comparing cycling uphill on slow broadband with speeding downhill with superfast fibre broadband, we based our ‘Broadband without Brakes’ campaign around the Tour of Britain opportunity. The campaign explains how to upgrade to faster broadband and that in most cases upgrading can work out cheaper due to competition in the provider market. ”

Andrew Arditti,
Digital Engagement Manager, Connecting Cheshire

“ Everybody Sport and Recreation is proud to be a sponsor of the Cheshire Tour of Britain Stage Three. It is our aim as an organisation to help people in Cheshire to lead a more active lifestyle and the Tour of Britain is a fantastic event which inspires and motivates us all to enjoy cycling. We hope that the Cheshire Tour of Britain legacy will live on well after the event with more people in Cheshire East getting out on their bikes, whether travelling to work, taking part in a local event, joining a club, having fun rides with the family at the weekends or even joining us in their local leisure centre for spin cycling sessions. ”

Christine Gibbons,
Trustee, Everybody Sport and Recreation

“ At BJB, we’re always striving to find ways to support our local community. Upon hearing about Stage Three of the Tour of Britain, we saw it as a great opportunity to get involved with a fantastic, high-profile event, which directly touches six of our branch locations across Cheshire. We are very proud to be working alongside Cheshire East to deliver an event to truly remember. The spotlight on the area and BJB is absolutely fantastic and will reinforce our position as the award-winning local estate agent. ”

James Beardmore,
Managing Director, Butters John Bee

“ It’s fantastic to be associated with a sport at which Great Britain excels, especially when a stage of the UK’s premier road race is taking place in an area that the majority of our staff calls home. Our involvement will help to raise our profile in the local community and demonstrate that PennWhite is a business that is proud to play a part in the manufacturing economy of Cheshire. ”

Dr. Mark Humphries,
Technical Director, PennWhite

“ As a company we do what we can to stimulate economic growth locally and our bronze sponsorship is part of that long-term commitment. Congratulations to the Council on delivering the UK’s largest free to watch sporting event to the people of Cheshire – we’re very proud to consider ourselves part of the team which made that possible. ”

Adam Daniels,
Operations Manager, Sibelco

“ The Cheshire Tour provides Ansa with an opportunity to give back to our local community and encourage them to cycle through the parks and open spaces, many of which are maintained by our company. We have worked with our suppliers, HW Martins in particular, to provide many of the orange painted bicycles on display throughout the region. We are offering support with street cleansing before, during and after the event and have also provided some additional planting displays. ”

Jane Thomason,
Deputy Manager, Ansa

“ As an international business focused on improving global healthcare solutions and outcomes, but with our roots in the Cheshire community, we were delighted to be associated with this national and international event. We are a young and sporty group and like to promote the role of active healthy living and will certainly use this link as part of our ethos in promotion and recruitment. ”

Stuart Cooper,
CEO, Adelphi Group

“ As one of the first sponsors to team up with Cheshire East Council, we have been excitedly looking forward to September 6 and working to ensure opportunities and inspiration extend beyond the day itself. On the day we will be waving flags – designed by Cheshire East school children – at the roadside, as well as providing fun activities in the promo zone at Tatton Park, again encouraging people to have fun whilst getting active. We hope to see many benefits as a result of the Tour of Britain Stage Three, not least the inspiration for members of the community to think more about how they might weave physical activity into their everyday lives. We don’t expect a Borough full of Olympic cyclists, but we hope the excitement of the event raises aspirations to be a more active Borough. ”

Anne Boyd,
CEO, Active Cheshire

“ On the day we will have flags and bang sticks – so look out for the Fairerpower promotional material. See you on the day! We are hoping to spread the word about the Fairerpower energy offering to residents across the whole of Cheshire. ”


“ We chose to get involved with the Tour of Britain mainly because of the natural synergy between ourselves, the event and its likely attendees – this being cycling. Cycling holidays are one of our biggest sellers and we feel that the audience who are interested in the Tour of Britain are exactly the kind of people who would love to embark on a Headwater cycling holiday. ”


“ HSL Compliance have been working in partnership with Cheshire East Council since 2009. We were delighted to be invited to become a sponsor of the Tour of Britain in Cheshire and believe that it is not only a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate our support of Cheshire East Council, but also to promote our business. ”

HSL Compliance

“ PwC is a global organisation which is recognised around the world. Just as important is our regional presence throughout the UK – none more so than in the North West. Being part of and supporting the Cheshire Tour of Britain provides an ideal opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to the region and to those clients who we work with across a diverse range of industries. ”

Chris Buttress,
Regional Government Leader, PwC

“ Bringing the biggest cycling event in Britain to Cheshire is a major achievement that will bring thousands of visitors to the area. Marketing Cheshire is delighted to provide its support as a sponsor, and will be working hard with our partners to ensure that we capitalise on this fantastic opportunity to showcase the best of Cheshire’s visitor offering during its stage of the Tour. ”

Katrina Michel,
Chief Executive, Marketing Cheshire

“ We wanted to become a sponsor because we would like to raise awareness of our service and where people have had their interest in cycling raised through the Tour of Britain, find opportunities to reach out to these people and further encourage them to get active. Alongside our partners in Public Health and Everybody Sports and Recreation we are setting up a ‘Wellbeing Village’ at the Tatton Park finishing line event where we will talk to people about increasing their physical activity, stopping smoking, eating healthily and getting more socially active. We will be on hand to take blood pressure and BMI measurements and advise people about how to get healthy. ”

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