Changes to Bus Timetables

We can confirm that the following changes to bus stops in Congleton will operate on ToB day, when buses will not be able to access their usual Fairground location:

  • Arriva 38 service will use the stops in Mill Street
  • Arriva 87 service will operate to and from Mountbatten Way/Brook Street roundabout
  • D & G services 42, 77 and 315 will operate to and from Mill Street
  • D & G 94 to Newcastle will run to and from Congleton Rail Station
  • D & G Beartown Buses will operate a less frequent service approximately hourly from Bromley and Buglawton to Mountbatten Way/Brook Street and also from Mossley and Congleton Rail Station.

There are likely to be major delays and cancellations throughout the day as the tour operates its rolling road closures. Buses and drivers will have to stand down at the nearest safe point as the roads are closed. Once roads are clear services can resume as soon as vehicles are back in the right place.

We are working closely with the bus operators and ToB team on these details and we will continue to update the published details on the CEC website at

See detailed list of road closures

Location Road closures
Market Street, Congleton Market Street, High Street / Lawton Street and one side of Mountbatten Way: Closed from 4:30AM
Wallhill Lane, Congleton 10:55AM - 11:35AM
Rode Heath 10:56AM - 11:36AM
Alsager 11:01AM - 11:41AM
Alsager outside Town Council Offices (Lawton Road) 11:02AM - 11:42AM
Crewe Green 11:12AM - 11:48AM
Crewe 11:14AM - 11:54AM
Nantwich Road, Crewe 11:16AM - 11:56AM
Willaston 11:21AM - 12:01PM
Millstone Lane 11:25AM - 12:05PM
Barony Road 11:26AM - 12:06PM
Past Reaseheath College 11:27AM - 12:07PM
Church Minshull 11:38AM - 12:18PM
A530 Middlewich Road 11:40AM - 12:20PM
Wimboldsley 11:40AM - 12:20PM
Middlewich 11:48AM - 12:28PM
A530 and A54 11:50AM - 12:30PM
Moston 11:55AM - 12:20PM
Sandbach 11:59AM - 12:39PM
Outside Sandbach Girls High School (Middlewich Road) 12:01PM - 12:41AM
Sandbach town centre 12:02PM - 12:42PM
Bradwall 12:06PM - 12:46PM
Holmes Chapel 12:15PM - 12:55PM
Cranage 12:18PM - 12:58PM
Allostock 12:22PM - 1:02PM
Toft 12:30PM - 1:10PM
Knutsford 12:33PM - 1:13PM
Enters Tatton Park 12:36PM - 1:16PM
1st Passage of Finish Line, Tatton Park 12:40PM - 1:20PM
Tatton Park 12:41PM - 1:21PM
Ashley 12:45PM - 1:25PM
Mobberley 12:47PM - 1:27PM
Great Warford 1:00PM - 1:40PM
Chorley 1:01PM - 1:41PM
Alderley Edge 1:06PM - 1:41PM
London Road, Alderley Edge (outside Cafe Nero) 1:06PM - 1:46PM
B5087 Macclesfield Road 1:06PM - 1:46PM
Alderley Edge - Macclesfield Road 1:06PM - 1:46PM
Along B5087 Macclesfield Road 1:08PM - 1:48PM
Over Alderley 1:09PM - 1:49PM
Prestbury 1:12PM - 1:52PM
Bollington 1:18PM - 1:58PM
Pott Shrigley 1:24PM - 2:04PM
Pott Shrigley - Bakestonedale Road 1:25PM - 2:05PM
Brickworks - Bakestonedale Road 1:29PM - 2:09PM
B5470 Macclesfield Road 1:30PM - 2:10PM
Rainow 1:33PM - 2:13PM
Higher Hurdsfield 1:36PM - 2:16PM
Buxton Road 1:39PM - 1:19PM
A537 Buxton Road - Cat and Fiddle 1:40PM - 2:20PM
A537 Buxton Road - Cat and Fiddle 1:55PM - 2:35PM
A54 1:58PM - 2:48PM
A532 2:49PM - 2:59PM
Oakgrove 2:22PM - 3:02PM
Siddington 2:33PM - 3:13PM
A537 Chelford Road 2:40PM - 3:20PM
Chelford 2:43PM - 3:23PM
Marthall 2:46PM - 3:26PM
Ollerton 2:48PM - 3:28PM
Knutsford 2:51PM - 3:31PM
A50 King Edward Road 2:54PM - 3:34PM
Enters Tatton Park 2:55PM - 3:35PM
Tatton Park 2:58PM - 3:38PM

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